Robert Bowling

Robert Bowling is a 15 year game development, publishing, and producing veteran. During his time in the game industry, Robert lead the Call of Duty franchise at Infinity Ward, started his own independent studio in Los Angeles, launched the Humble Monthly subscription service as VP of Humble Bundle and is currently overseeing game publishing and investments for a new indie publishing fund.


Justin Roiland

Justin is an actor, animator, writer, producer, director and video game developer. He is best known as the co-creator and executive producer of the animated series Rick and Morty, in which he voices both of the show's eponymous characters, the voice of Oscar on the animated television show Fish Hooks, as well as the Earl of Lemongrab on Adventure Time.


Dylan Bevis

Dylan is the co-founder of indie games studio Featherweight - the creators of Rodeo Stampede & Skiing Yeti Mountain. He’s passionate about building great feeling mobile games with small teams. Prior to founding Featherweight, he began his career in games working as a game designer at Halfbrick Studios.


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Daniel Fiden

Preliminary Judge

Dan Fiden is Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Funplus. Dan first met the co-founders of FunPlus as partner with Signia Venture Partners, an early stage venture fund that is an investor in the company. Dan has held multiple interim CEO roles – of Wild Needle (sold to Zynga) and Playchemy (sold to Iddiction), was General Manager of Playfish San Francisco, and was director of game development at EA’s Pogo. He began his career in games as Creative Director at Jellyvision on the “You Don’t Know Jack” series. Dan serves on the board of the San Francisco Game Developers Conference. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and English from Denison University.  

Eli Hodapp

Preliminary Judge

Eli Hodapp is the wizard behind the curtain of TouchArcade, the #1 iOS games site on the Internet. He’s been drinking from the fire hose of mobile game releases since before the App Store even went online, and now spends his days playing as many iOS games as humanly possible while managing the similarly insane crew of TouchArcade writers. From his throne atop TouchArcade Towers, Hodapp has a unique perspective on the App Store that has come from years of watching what resonates within the TouchArcade community as well as the wider App Store marketplace as a whole. He’s played a part in covering every iOS gaming trend that has come and gone, and can’t wait to be on the front lines of whatever the next incredibly-popular thing will be. In his spare time, Eli is a huge WWE smark who loves questioning his life decisions as he stands in line for limited craft beer releases in the Chicago area.

Keeley Boess

Preliminary Judge

Keeley Boess is the PR & Partner Manager at FunPlus. Although her passion for gaming started at a very early age, Keeley's career in gaming began a mere three years ago when she joined the FunPlus team in San Francisco. Prior to gaming, Keeley's overuse of exclamation marks, useless knowledge of James Bond trivia, and decent fashion sense served her well as the Marketing Coordinator at Tapiture, a men's fashion website based in Venice, CA. She is a former Miss California US and Miss International USA. Keeley obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California at Riverside.

Jacob Rosin

Preliminary Judge






Joel McDonald

Creator of Prune and Founder of Polyculture


Andy Zhong

CEO & Co-founder of FunPlus


Rami Ismail

Creator of Presskit() & Co-founder of Vlambeer


Eli Hodapp

Editor-in-Chief at TouchArcade


Greg Essig

Head of Business Development at MobCrush 


Mark Cerny

CEO & Founder of Cerny Games Inc.